Our Angels Arrived

July 16, 1988

Alexandrya and Lucky


More About The Girls
Name: Alexandrya and Lucky
Mother: Katyrina
Birth Date: July 16, 1988
Birth Time: ~8:00 p.m. & ~11:00 p.m.
Birth Location: Los Angeles, CA
Weight: A few ounces
Length: about 3 inches
Eyes: Blue
Hair: A-Black, Brown, Beige, White
  L-Grey and a bit of beige
Look Like: Furry Angels

About the Birth: Alexandrya's tail was hanging out for a few hours before she was born. Lucky showed up about two hours after the rest of the litter and was very unexpected.

Naming Details
Why we chose the names:
  Alexandrya is a regal name for a regal cat. Lucky looked like a cat from a cat calendar we had a long time ago.

  PigHog, Zan, Ducky, Dux

Fun Stuff
Favorite Activities : Sleeping and cuddling with each other.
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More About The Birthday Girls

Unfortunately, their three brothers didn't make it to their 20th birthday. Teddy died in March 2006 from a lung problem when he was 17 1/2 years old. We lost both Horton and Merlin only one month apart this year. Horton died of kidney problems and probably a brain cancer in March and Merlin died of progressive kidney disease in April. Their deaths were unexpected and especially difficult as they both got so close to their 20th birthday too.